Custom order pricing

The designs below are available for custom orders. If you would like to place an order click ‘Learn More’ to submit a request. Please note most orders will be shipped within 30 days from receiving your confirmation email.


Jacket - sleeve Splice

The original design for Blue Bangs, this option can be applied to a jacket from my inventory or your own favorite piece.

This detail does not alter the original fit, instead it splices in a rainbow of indigo shades from collar to cuff.


Shipping not included.


Jacket - sleeve twist

Looking for something with complexity? This design radically modifies the original jacket to be completely unique.

This sleeve becomes open from collar to elbow, where the denim twists into an artful knot. I usually red lining to highlight the detail. You can also choose from Black or White.


Shipping not included.


jeans - ruffel

Do your jeans need a dramatic update?

This is one of my favorite designs because every client ends ups dancing! The fit of the jeans stays the same at the top, but from the knees down I splice in a hi-lo ruffle made from a multitude of jeans.