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Wild Horse Saloon Trucker Jacket



Material: 100% Cotton

D.O.B. : circa 1990 

Size: S

Country of origin: CANADA

Made for: 

A tribute to the Wild Horse Saloon Nashville, this jacket in emblazoned with the vibrant embroidery that represents the world famous music venue.

Unique features: 

The inner leather label proclaims this jacket to be ‘America’s Choice’, but it is the beautiful logo featured on the front and back that make it distinctive.

The mid-blue shade works for any season and the slimmer fit highlights a feminine physique.

Level of wear: GENTLY WORN

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Wild Horse Saloon 2.jpg
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Additional Info

Every item I sell is one of a kind. 

Denim has a memory and every wearer adds their own story. From the perfect frayed hem to a wash that can only be achieved by our daily adventures. Every mark tells a tale.

No two items from Blue Bangs are the same. Guaranteed.

I can’t accept returns or refunds. However, if you have any questions about your purchase or deposit please email bluebangsshop@gmail.com


Most items can be machine washed and dried cool.

But the best way to wash denim by far, to retain its indigo shade, is to sponge clean with a cool damp cloth.