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Marlboro Country Store Jacket



Material: 100% Cotton, (Genuine Leather collar)

D.O.B. : circa 1990 


Country of origin: 


Made for: 

Designed as a promotional jacket for MARLBORO, loyal customers would exchange their coupons, 5 “Marlboro Miles” per cigarette pack, for anything from BBQ tools to a denim jacket. 

Unique features: 

True to their word, this trucker jacket features all the classic details required for life in the ‘Great Wide Open’. 

The earthy leather collar has eased to sit comfortably against the wearer’s neck and the brushed plaid inside the yoke will certainly keep even the most adventurous lone free ranger warm. 

I collected this jacket because I noticed the unique patch breast pockets, whilst the side pockets are double welt, a feature traditionally used on tailoring. The natural yellow tint has developed over time, avoiding the need for harsh chemicals used in today’s fast-fashion manufacturing process. 

Level of wear: GENTLY WORN 

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Additional Info

Every item I sell is one of a kind. 

Denim has a memory and every wearer adds their own story. From the perfect frayed hem to a wash that can only be achieved by our daily adventures. Every mark tells a tale.

No two items from Blue Bangs are the same. Guaranteed.

I can’t accept returns or refunds. However, if you have any questions about your purchase or deposit please email


Most items can be machine washed and dried cool.

But the best way to wash denim by far, to retain its indigo shade, is to sponge clean with a cool damp cloth.